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Phiacademy is the Best Microblading Academy in the World.


BoldBrows is the most advanced microblading technique in the world the online Training saves money and is a perfect option for those who do not want to travel outside their city no matter where in the world you are, you can start today.


No matter if it is a course online, it offers you everything you need to know about the Advanced Boldbrows Microblading Technique, this training is designed for people with or without experience.
In it you will learn the secret of Hollywood Style Microblading Eyebrows.


You will have access to Topics such as:

  • Design / symmetry
  • Phi ratio
  • Skin and its diseases
  • Pre and post treatment care
  • Who and who are not suitable for microblading
  • Depth
  • Precision
  • Tools
  • Videos, images and many more that will make you a Microblading expert as PhiAcademhy's BoldBrows artist.


PREMIUM Online education includes:

- 6 months of CRAFTMASTER Support

- Premium kit to do up to 80 Procedures 

- Craft Master Access 24/7

- Phi App access

- Dr. Phi Support

- Manual 

- International certificate*

- Boldbrows Logo*

5 Unlimited Reading Bonuses.

  1. - Machine shading
  2. - Skin Expert
  3. - Hygiene
  4. - First Class Service
  5. - Get more clients (this going to be active once you pass your levele).